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Valuation Advisory

Opinion built to perfection

Corporate Valuation is one of the most specialized area in our advisory services which is responsible for the valuation and related financial advisory. Our valuation and advisory professionals look beyond the need to measure the value and offer viable business solutions. We understand that businesses require more than just a view on the value of their businesses. The crux of valuation lies in understanding the shortcomings of the current business model and preparing it for the future outlook.

In this scenario we work proactively with our clients to understand the business drivers and try to analyse crucial questions like how does an asset fit into the corporate strategy and how can the value be best maximised, how the current value can be protected and enhanced and more importantly how the protected or enhanced value could be realised.

Valuation is about ascertaining the correct value of the business, which involves complex processes requiring detailed industry analysis and expertise. Our dedicated team of valuation professionals who are supported by regional and global valuation resources ensure that our service meets client’s needs.

Valuation of a company requires a thorough understanding of the business model that involves objective assessment of plethora of factors like industry in which business operates, investors expectation in that industry, competitor analysis, financial history of the business, experience of the management and future opportunities for the business. 

As part of dispute resolution process JPR Capital also offers expert services for valuation of shares. JPR's team has an extensive experience in appearing before regulators and arbitration panels as Valuation experts. 

We offer valuation services across

  • Business Valuation

  • Fair Valuation of Shares

  • Acquisitions and Sale of Assets

  • Ind AS Valuation services

  • ESOP Valuation

  • Income Tax Valuation

  • SEBI Valuation

  • RBI FEMA Compliant Valuations

  • Fairness Opinions

  • Dispute Resolutions

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